The Unwritten Rule of Kit-Kat Eating

Kit Kats don’t tell you how to eat them but there is a way that is recommended by most and even the company. 

Dee Gordon caught fellow teammate Giancarlo Stanton enjoying a Kit Kat.  Gordon did not approve of his waiting style. He took to Twitter and called him out. 


Many started giving their input on this situation. One being Brandon McCarthy on Twitter.

 “@Giancarlo818 just cause u hit baseballs like most hit a 4 iron doesn’t mean u can eat candy however u wish. We’re living in a society here” -Brandon McCarthy via Twitter

Even the Kit Kat company had something to say. They sent him this letter.


They sent that and 472 Kit Kats so he can get some practice.

Here is how it is done. Now get it right!


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