Jalen vs. Everybody Debuts on ESPN

Current NBA analyst and former NBA player, Jalen Rose debuted his new show Tuesday night on ESPN. Jalen vs. Everybody was noticed by NBA fans largely because of a promotional video that gained growing interest and spread across social media. The video begins with Jalen Rose walking through a restaurant on his phone when suddenly... Continue Reading →


Another Step Back for Tiger

Early Memorial Day morning Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel and upon blowing .000 on the breathalyzer test he was taken back and booked with DUI. He stated that he wasn't drinking but it was a reaction to pain medication he was taking and the breathalyzer results back that claim. https://twitter.com/business/status/869444558471532545 As a kid, I... Continue Reading →

Who Should Hit?

I am here to try and tackle one of the age old arguments in baseball. Should all of Major League Baseball get a designated hitter (DH) or should every team have to put their pitcher in the batting order? Right now, the American League (AL) allows teams to use a designated hitter in place of... Continue Reading →

Fan Interference at Suntrust Park

Wednesday Night, Atlanta Braves faced the Pittsburgh Pirates at the newly built SunTrust Park. Skies were clear and baseball was being played with no interruption until the bottom of the eighth inning when a fan interfered with a batted ball. Though that was the case, many questioned the security guard's actions that would follow. Braves third... Continue Reading →

NFL Changes for 2017 Season

The NFL off-season has been underway for some time and new rule changes have come and gone. Let's take a look at some of the new rules that have been changed and some that are still being discussed. First, we will take a look at the rule changes that have been passed and what that... Continue Reading →

NBA Awards Predictions

The finalists for each of the NBA Awards for this season were announced on Friday. So, I am going to rundown each of the finalists for each of the awards and make my predictions on who will win. In the past I wrote about my prediction for MVP, so instead of writing about it again... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Sports

  The NBA and NHL playoffs are in their Conference Finals and each sport portrays a different tale. The NBA Playoffs are a snorefest with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors sweeping straight through to the Conference Finals while the NHL Playoffs have had only 2 sweeps, one coming from a Wild Card... Continue Reading →

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