Lebron James’ Christmas Special

NBA The NBA and Christmas Day have become one of the best sports traditions. The NBA lines up some of the most exciting match-ups they have to offer. This season there are five games in total, beginning at 11 a.m. Central until the end of the day. As an added bonus, we get to enjoy... Continue Reading →


Bulls Are Back

Nikola Mirotic was out for the first 23 games of the Chicago Bulls season because of an injury during an October 17th practice. After a heated exchange, Portis squared Mirotic in the face resulting in a concussion and 2 broken facial bones. Eyeing a return, Mirotic wanted to put that aside him and contribute to... Continue Reading →

Illinois Roots in College Basketball

The United States is starting to take notice of the talent that can be found within in the Illinois' borders. Over the last ten years, Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis, and Jabari Parker have showed off their talent on one of the highest levels of  basketball. They have helped pave the way for more athletes to... Continue Reading →

Jalen vs. Everybody Debuts on ESPN

Current NBA analyst and former NBA player, Jalen Rose debuted his new show Tuesday night on ESPN. Jalen vs. Everybody was noticed by NBA fans largely because of a promotional video that gained growing interest and spread across social media. The video begins with Jalen Rose walking through a restaurant on his phone when suddenly... Continue Reading →

Fan Interference at Suntrust Park

Wednesday Night, Atlanta Braves faced the Pittsburgh Pirates at the newly built SunTrust Park. Skies were clear and baseball was being played with no interruption until the bottom of the eighth inning when a fan interfered with a batted ball. Though that was the case, many questioned the security guard's actions that would follow. Braves third... Continue Reading →

Chi League

  This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon watching basketball at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School  on 211 S Laflin Street. Chi League is widely known as one of the best pro ams in the country.    Photo creds: Lit Fuse Productions     This event takes place every weekend for ten weekends (Every... Continue Reading →

The Unwritten Rule of Kit-Kat Eating

Kit Kats don't tell you how to eat them but there is a way that is recommended by most and even the company.  Dee Gordon caught fellow teammate Giancarlo Stanton enjoying a Kit Kat.  Gordon did not approve of his waiting style. He took to Twitter and called him out.       Many started giving... Continue Reading →

Late Inning Heroics 

Baseball is a nine inning game. If you get lucky the game might go 10, 11, or possibly 12 innings long. Yesterday's Brewers/Diamondbacks game was almost the equivalent of two major league games.  It was 18 innings.     It was a battle amongst some of the worst teams in league today. The Brewers are last... Continue Reading →

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