Are the Badgers doomed?

The Bowl rankings just came out and the Badgers are looking on the outside in according to those on the selection committee... #9 are you serious?  Trust me I'll be the first one to say that the Badgers have yet to play any team that is even remotely good but to be ranked number 9?... Continue Reading →


What a Wild Reduction…

In a preseason game on August 19th Vontaze Burfict smacked a cheap shot on the Chiefs Anthony Sherman while he was running down the field and clearly out of the play. He was originally suspended for five games but news broke today that the NFL reduced his suspension down to three games. For some reason,... Continue Reading →

Zach Randolph Dealing?

News broke late last night and early into this morning that the NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested for intent for possession of marijuana with felony intent to sell. Below is the picture of him waltzing out of jail after he posted bond this morning. For someone who is being charged with a felony, he doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

A Kaepernick Rally at NFL HQ

Another day, another Kaepernick story along with more and more people backing him. Spike Lee announced earlier today that a protest was to be held on August 23rd at NFL HQ. He later clarified that he didn't organize the event but he is in full support of the free agent QB. First of all, Kaepernick... Continue Reading →

Jalen vs. Everybody Debuts on ESPN

Current NBA analyst and former NBA player, Jalen Rose debuted his new show Tuesday night on ESPN. Jalen vs. Everybody was noticed by NBA fans largely because of a promotional video that gained growing interest and spread across social media. The video begins with Jalen Rose walking through a restaurant on his phone when suddenly... Continue Reading →

Who Should Hit?

I am here to try and tackle one of the age old arguments in baseball. Should all of Major League Baseball get a designated hitter (DH) or should every team have to put their pitcher in the batting order? Right now, the American League (AL) allows teams to use a designated hitter in place of... Continue Reading →

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