Talking Vikings without Sam Bradford Blog #1

Welcome to week one of Talking Vikings without Sam Bradford. A quick forewarning I won't type that fateful name again during the course of these blogs until the Viking lose because I believe that too much praise for a specific QB was part of the reason the Vikings collapsed last year. The Minnesota Vikings opened... Continue Reading →


What a Wild Reduction…

In a preseason game on August 19th Vontaze Burfict smacked a cheap shot on the Chiefs Anthony Sherman while he was running down the field and clearly out of the play. He was originally suspended for five games but news broke today that the NFL reduced his suspension down to three games. For some reason,... Continue Reading →

A Kaepernick Rally at NFL HQ

Another day, another Kaepernick story along with more and more people backing him. Spike Lee announced earlier today that a protest was to be held on August 23rd at NFL HQ. He later clarified that he didn't organize the event but he is in full support of the free agent QB. First of all, Kaepernick... Continue Reading →

NFL Changes for 2017 Season

The NFL off-season has been underway for some time and new rule changes have come and gone. Let's take a look at some of the new rules that have been changed and some that are still being discussed. First, we will take a look at the rule changes that have been passed and what that... Continue Reading →

Bear Down for Trubisky

So Mitchell Trubisky showed up to Bears rookie minicamp in his grandmother's 1997 Toyota Camry today. This guy already knows he can do anything he wants and still not be as much of a disappointment to Chicago as Jay Cutler has been. Trubisky started off as a joke when the Bears traded away three draft... Continue Reading →

What Could Have Been…

Jon Gruden recently came out and said “Not drafting Aaron Rodgers is ‘one of the greatest regrets in my lifetime'.” As a Packer fan, I’m glad Gruden made that mistake. It gave me my favorite player of all time on my favorite team of all time. Now, as a Badger fan, I hope Ted Thompson... Continue Reading →

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