JBA League Tickets Dilemma

Lavar Ball has went from a sports father to a household name and his rise to fame has not come without controversy. This past week, his Junior Baller Association League released tickets to their games in June and July. The ticket prices have cause some mixed emotion from hoop fans. https://twitter.com/bigballerbrand/status/998677699223736320 Over the last few... Continue Reading →


Bryce Harper Vaporizes Bat Hitting 406-Foot Home Run

https://twitter.com/Nationals/status/986025618600062977   Hopefully, the Harper haters are taking cover because this ball still hasn't landed. The raw power associated with hitting a 406-ft home run while vaporizing your bat is astonishing. But... At this point Manfred has to admit to corking the balls, continuing to deny it is just plain offensive. No doubt Harper is one of the... Continue Reading →

Zach Randolph Dealing?

News broke late last night and early into this morning that the NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested for intent for possession of marijuana with felony intent to sell. Below is the picture of him waltzing out of jail after he posted bond this morning. For someone who is being charged with a felony, he doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

Max Strus headed to Depaul

Max Strus was once overlooked by several teams for his lack of size. He didn't grow until senior year, and by then the major schools already had their recruits set. Lewis University was with them from the beginning and a team his older brother played for.He spent the last two years there. He is no... Continue Reading →


Late Tuesday Night and early Wednesday morning it seemed to appear someone hacked into the Michigan Football and Basketball pages.  People saw such headlines as, "Kim K. wearing her little sisters' bikini" or "Crazy extreme selfies". Here's another example of another post: People didn't seem mad in the comments. They tend to make jokes about... Continue Reading →

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