Humanity in Sports

There have been some really great stories out of the sporting world this past weekend that show the humanity of the human race. Merriam-Webster defines humanity as “the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals.” Four different events involving everyday fans, players, and teams displayed a great deal of humanity through their actions this past week. Continue reading to hear about the four moments spanning the NHL, NFL, and the WNBA.

Seattle Kraken

Social media gets a bad rap and has been described as a toxic, cesspool of negativity but that is not always the case. This past week, Brian “Red” Hamilton, Vancouver Canucks assistant equipment manager, asked the Hockey Twitter to get him and the team in touch with a fan.

This fan shared a message with Hamilton while attending a matchup between the Canucks and the Seattle Kraken back on October 23. Her quick thinking and insight brought Hamilton to visit the doctors which he later found out the mole on the back of his neck was malignant melanoma. He credits this fan with helping save his life and preventing the malignant melanoma from becoming anything worse.

Hamilton had the Canucks social team reach out in hopes of reconnecting with the young fan and say thanks in person. After a brief social media search, Nadia Popovici was identified by members of the Ladies Of The Kraken Facebook group.

Seattle Kraken and the Vancouver Canucks teamed up and surprised Nadia Popovici with $10,000 to go toward her medical school payments.

The Missing Ring

Tennessee Titan fan Chad Davis took to Twitter after the Titans’ 20-17 win over the Miami Dolphins in hopes of finding his ring. He wrote a tweet stating, “I lost my wedding band somewhere at the game today.”

It began to circulate social media gaining attention from people, media members, and eventually the team.

Titans president Burke Nihill had his employees start looking right away. It was found not long after by a security guard just two rows from where Davis was sitting.

Nihill returned to Twitter to share the good news to Chad.

For more, read USA Today’s article

Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles moved to 9-7 after a 20-16 win over the Washington Football which boosted their chance of clinching a playoff berth. They clinched later that night.

Fans were excited and rowdy as the players ran through the entryway back under the stadium. Some of which began to lean over the railing as far as they could in hopes of getting a high-5 or an autograph. The railing gave out resulting in a few fans falling over while just avoiding Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts acted swiftly by helping up fans and making sure they were alright.

Isabelle Harrison

Dallas Wings forward Isabelle Harrison gifted an all-expense paid trip to a fan of hers to watch her play next season.

Zach Quinones, avid WNBA fan, reached out to her after nearly two years removed from attempting suicide, per Bleacher Report. She gave him more than just a trip but hope as well.

May 2021 bring more positive stories.

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