Supporters Raised $1 million for Parker Dickerson after the passing of his dad, ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson

ESPN Chicago Bears reporter Jeff Dickerson, 44, passed away earlier this week after complications from colon cancer.

Dickerson was in the same hospice care facility in which his wife passed just two year earlier. His wife, Caitlin also passed away from a form of cancer at just 36. The two left behind a young 11-year-old child named Parker.

Jeff Dickerson was very active not just at his job but being there for his son over the years. Dickerson would share tweets about these moments on his Twitter (as seen below).

Many farewells eulogizing Dickerson were shared Tuesday and throughout the week. These came in all forms from tweets, spoken word over the radio or television, and other written media.

While many memories were being shared, a GoFundMe was set up to help Parker Dickerson after many reached out in ways to offer their support. This fundraiser assured all the money raised will go to his ‘education, health and welfare … and yes, his athletics.”

The goal was set at $100,000 but has since well-exceeded that amount after a boost from a tweet from ESPN Adam Schefter. After Schefter tweet the link, an outpouring of donations rolled through and it even gained attention from players, owners, and organizations.

As the funds rolled in, Schefter shared the names of those who made contributions using quote-tweets which allowed easy access for more eyeballs to see the fundraiser.

Notable donors names include Obvious Shirts, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Dan and Tanya Snyder, Jim Irsay, Theo Epstein, Andy Dalton, The Reinsdorf Family, Chicago Blackhawks, Anthony Rizzo and a ton more.

In just three days, over 14,000 people helped raised a $1 million dollars.

These tragic events will not give Parker his parent back and nothing will ever replace Jeff and Caitlin but the hope is these funds will ease other things life may throw at Parker Dickerson.

If you are interested in donating, click here.

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