Who Should Hit?

I am here to try and tackle one of the age old arguments in baseball. Should all of Major League Baseball get a designated hitter (DH) or should every team have to put their pitcher in the batting order? Right now, the American League (AL) allows teams to use a designated hitter in place of... Continue Reading →


NBA Awards Predictions

The finalists for each of the NBA Awards for this season were announced on Friday. So, I am going to rundown each of the finalists for each of the awards and make my predictions on who will win. In the past I wrote about my prediction for MVP, so instead of writing about it again... Continue Reading →

Wall Wants 7

Last night, the Celtics and Wizards faced off in a Game 6 match up of a series that Boston led 3-2. The Celtics showed up in Washington wearing all black as a jab to the Wizards who did the same thing for a regular season game against the Celtics in January. At that game, Isaiah... Continue Reading →

Bear Down for Trubisky

So Mitchell Trubisky showed up to Bears rookie minicamp in his grandmother's 1997 Toyota Camry today. This guy already knows he can do anything he wants and still not be as much of a disappointment to Chicago as Jay Cutler has been. Trubisky started off as a joke when the Bears traded away three draft... Continue Reading →

Russ for MVP

Despite the Thunder getting knocked out of the NBA Playoffs in the first round, Russell Westbrook has proven why he should, without a doubt, be the Most Valuable Player in the NBA this year. Now, I understand James Harden is playing great and leading a team that can compete in the Western Conference. I also... Continue Reading →

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