NBA Awards 2018

I’m back everyone. I haven’t blogged in quite a while due to school and work, but I predicted last years NBA awards so well (5 of 6) that I had to write this blog again. I can’t promise the same results as last year because I had a lot less free time to watch basketball. I kept up with the end of the regular season and saw most of the postseason, so I will do my best to avoid recency bias in these predictions. Enough excuses, here are my predictions.

Rookie of the Year


  • Donovan Mitchell
  • Ben Simmons
  • Jayson Tatum

My Pick: Donovan Mitchell

The Simmons vs Mitchell debate has been a popular one all season, but that might not be fair to Jayson Tatum. Granted he didn’t dominate this entire season, but after watching Tatum play in the playoffs I would say he looks most like an NBA veteran already. And watching Tatum dunk on LeBron might be my favorite highlight of the year.

However, I still pick Donovan Mitchell due to his success throughout the entire season. Early in the season I was a huge fan of Ben Simmons, but I don’t think the ROY can go to a point guard that went 1-11 from three ALL SEASON. That’s right, Ben Simmons shot just 11 threes this season and made just one. Obviously he helped the Sixers in many other ways, but his shooting needs a lot of work and Mitchell showed the same dominance in all areas of the game AND he can shoot.

Sixth Man


  • Eric Gordon
  • Fred VanVleet
  • Lou Williams

My Pick: Fred VanVleet

It’s entirely possible that either Gordon or Williams wins this award considering one is the most recent 6th man and the other was nominated last year as well, but I’m still going with VanVleet. It is pretty difficult to pick a sixth man winner when you didn’t watch many games because it helps to know what their impact was like in closer and more important games, but I have to pick someone. All three guys played 60+ games this season but VanVleet played an average of 11.2 less minutes per game than the other two. Despite this, he shot a higher FG% per 36 minutes played and a considerably higher 3P% per 36. I know this leaves out his defensive impact, but VanVleet it is.

Most Improved


  • Clint Capela
  • Spencer Dinwiddie
  • Victor Oladipo

My Pick: Victor Oladipo

My eyes have been opened this season. Last year I was a big Westbrook fan because watching him was electric. Now it’s clear to me that Russ prevents his teammates from playing to their full ability. Upon moving to the Pacers, Oladipo improved in nearly every box score line. His shot attempts went up, but so did his FG%. He almost doubled his average assists per game, and did double his average steals per game. Oladipo had a career record season in every way possible. Huge improvement from last year when he was stuck playing second fiddle (or like fourth fiddle) to Russell Westbrook. Credit to me for realizing my ignorance last year.

Coach of the Year


  • Dwayne Casey
  • Brad Stevens
  • Quin Snyder

My Pick: Brad Stevens

I’m picking Brad Stevens but how hilarious would it be if the *former* Raptors coach Dwayne Casey won coach of the year just after being fired. It is hard to put stats into this predictions, but I have to go with Stevens because of the crazy success his Celtics had this year. Quin Snyder’s Jazz had great success this year as well, but the young Celtics are something totally different. Stevens garnered attention all season about his ability to build a team this young and this talented, and I do believe the media attention tends to affect the judging just enough to give Stevens the victory in this category.

Defensive Player of the Year


  • Rudy Gobert
  • Anthony Davis
  • Joel Embiid

My Pick: Anthony Davis

I chose Anthony Davis because he had a slight advantage in blocks, steals, and rebounds per 36 as well as the higher defensive rating. All three guys were great defensively this season but both Embiid and Gobert dealt with injuries throughout the season and Davis managed to start nearly every game this season. I wish the award could go to “Boogie and the Brow” because having these two guys defending in the paint would have to scare any team. Even though Gobert is returning to the nominee list and missed out on the award last year, I think Davis’ dominance defensively gives him the edge for this years’ DPOY and bonus points for the MVP nod as well.

Most Valuable Player


  • James Harden
  • LeBron James
  • Anthony Davis

My Pick:

LeBronJames - Cropped

I had to. This man plays basketball better than anyone else in the league right now. I’m not his biggest fan, I’m hardly a fan at all, but I cannot ignore the fact that he is more talented than anyone else in the NBA and he shows it every game. Sure he complains to the refs, but so does everyone else. I almost picked Harden due to the fact that he got attention all season as the likely MVP and he plays phenomenal basketball, but no one plays like Bron. I give LeBron the MVP this year and even if he doesn’t win it, I’ll call him the most valuable player because he plays on a level that no one else can reach right now.

Tune into the NBA Awards show on TNT Monday night to watch my predictions become truth. Word on the street is that the NBA had to scramble for a new host after Drake was body bagged by Pusha T, so Anthony Anderson will be hosting the awards show this year.

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