Bear Down for Trubisky

So Mitchell Trubisky showed up to Bears rookie minicamp in his grandmother’s 1997 Toyota Camry today. This guy already knows he can do anything he wants and still not be as much of a disappointment to Chicago as Jay Cutler has been. Trubisky started off as a joke when the Bears traded away three draft picks to move up one spot and draft Trubisky. After that, he continued to impress fans with the resurfacing of past tweets such as:

Image result for mitchell trubisky tweets

Of course there is nothing Bears fans want to hear more than that their future QB is cheering for the Packers. He did say that he has never been a Packers fan but it was on his Twitter so he meant it at one time.

There is another notable tweet that I am choosing not to add in this article, but if you really want to know what it is and haven’t seen it before, then just Google “Mitchell Trubisky tweets” and figure out which one I would be choosing to note, but not post in this article.

Moving on to today, Trubisky pulled up to the rookie minicamp in his new (old) Toyota Camry. He promised that he would show up driving it, and followed through on that promise. This guy might be just what the Bears needed. Someone who is willing to set himself up to be joked about so the attention is taken off the laughable Bears. I am excited to see what else Trubisky does before the season even starts and what he does on and off the field throughout his career. I’m sure things will get more serious for Mitchell once the season gets going, but for now, keep looking out for the weird things he does in the preseason.

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