Wall Wants 7

Last night, the Celtics and Wizards faced off in a Game 6 match up of a series that Boston led 3-2. The Celtics showed up in Washington wearing all black as a jab to the Wizards who did the same thing for a regular season game against the Celtics in January. At that game, Isaiah Thomas criticized the outfit choice by saying “That’s cute that they’re wearing all black. It’s definitely not a Game 7. It’s not the playoffs.” So of course the Celtics had to return the favor before Game 6 to let the Wizards know they should prepare for vacation. And it would have been a striking fashion statement had John Wall not had different plans.

The game was a tight match all throughout, but the Celtics handled the lead for most of the time. The Wizards, led by Wall, managed to get through three quarters trailing only three points. The teams went into the fourth quarter with a score of 69-66. Fast forward to the last thirty seconds of the game and the Celtics lead by two. Bradley Beal makes an excellent drive to the paint and puts up a floater off the glass to tie up the game. Then with ten seconds left, Isaiah Thomas passes to Al Horford who makes a nice shot to go up 91-89. This is where John Wall decides he isn’t going home just yet. Wall gets an inbound pass with about six seconds left, takes two dribbles and pulls up from outside the arc, then this happens:

When people take this shot, they ironically shout “Kobe!” but when you watch Wall go up with this shot you feel like he had to be saying “Game 7. Let’s go.” He makes the shot, sends the series to Game 7 and extends his season by at least one more game. John Wall is electrifying and I hope to see the Wizards in more games like this throughout the playoffs and into next season.

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