NFL Changes for 2017 Season

The NFL off-season has been underway for some time and new rule changes have come and gone. Let's take a look at some of the new rules that have been changed and some that are still being discussed. First, we will take a look at the rule changes that have been passed and what that... Continue Reading →


A Predator and a City has found “New Prey”

The Nashville Predators have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in team history, with a 6-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks. Ending the regular season, the Predators were the 16th team to make it into the playoffs. As a Wild Card team, the Predators swept the #1 Seed, the Chicago Blackhawks,... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Sports

  The NBA and NHL playoffs are in their Conference Finals and each sport portrays a different tale. The NBA Playoffs are a snorefest with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors sweeping straight through to the Conference Finals while the NHL Playoffs have had only 2 sweeps, one coming from a Wild Card... Continue Reading →

Injuries Plague Early MLB Season

The MLB is currently in its 7th week of the season and already major injuries have affected several Ball Clubs. Injuries such as Freddie Freeman, Aroldis Chapman, and Adam Eaton. Even more high profile players have been bitten by the DL bug.

Capitals Slash Penguins 3-1 Lead

2016 was the year of the 3-1 comebacks and it seems as though 2017 is continuing that trend. In the second round of the NHL playoffs the Pittsburgh Penguins lead the Washington Capitals 3-1 heading back to Washington for Game 5. Now Game 7 will be held on Wednesday, May 10th. The comeback by the... Continue Reading →

The Villains will get the Last Laugh

Everyone loves a good villain. Whether it is Hans Gruber from “Die Hard” or Darth Vader from “Star Wars” people always love to hate a good villain. The Golden State Warriors are no different. The Warriors are entering Game 4 against the Utah Jazz with a record of 7-0 in the 2017 playoffs. They have... Continue Reading →

What Could Have Been…

Jon Gruden recently came out and said “Not drafting Aaron Rodgers is ‘one of the greatest regrets in my lifetime'.” As a Packer fan, I’m glad Gruden made that mistake. It gave me my favorite player of all time on my favorite team of all time. Now, as a Badger fan, I hope Ted Thompson... Continue Reading →

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