Injuries Plague Early MLB Season

The MLB is currently in its 7th week of the season and major injuries have already affected several Ball Clubs. Injuries such as Freddie Freeman, Aroldis Chapman, and Adam Eaton. Even more high profile players have been bitten by the DL bug.

Freddie Freeman, Braves 1st baseman, was having a standout season prior to being struck on the wrist by a pitch. He was batting a .341, with an OBP of .461, a slugging of .748, and an OPS of 1.209, which lead the MLB, in 135 AB. Freeman was also tied in the league with 14 home runs. An injured Freeman, being the only spotlight for the down and out Braves, will be hard to swallow for the club. He is expected to be out until July 19th with a fractured wrist.

The Nationals lost their off season trade, center fielder Adam Eaton, to a season ending ACL and MCL injury while trying to beat a throw out to first. Eaton’s year was off to a great start with career highs in slugging, OBP, and OPS with .461, .393, and a .855, respectively. While the Nationals are still surging, even after Eatons injury, with a record of 25-15- the second best in the NL, their postseason chances will be affected.

Another season ending injury comes from the Dodger Outfield,  left fielder Andrew Toles, tore his ACL crashing into a wall. This is Toles’ second year with the Dodgers after appearing in 105 AB in 2016. Toles was hitting a .271 average, .314 OBP, .458 slugging, and a .772 OPS. He had also surpassed his career high in home runs with 5 and was one RBI shy of tying his career high with 15, in 9 less AB. After a slow start to the season the Dodgers have started to pick up the pace, gaining ground for the lead in the NL West, however the Toles injury will not make the gain any easier.

Aroldis Chapman, closer for Yankees, will not pitch for at least two weeks. Inflammation in his rotator cuff was found after an MRI procedure. Chapman had pitched 12.2 innings in 14 games this season. He was at 21 strikeouts along with 3.55 ERA and a 1.42 WHIP. While reevaluation is coming in two weeks, the Yankees can expect Chapman to be on the DL for at least a month.

The Marlins can expect their red hot, utilityman, Miguel Rojas, to be on the Disabled List for the next “couple months.” Rojas recently broke his thumb on a swing, but was hitting a .338 average, .389 OBP, and a .400 slugging along with a .789 OPS. Rojas was off to the best start in his career prior to the injury. The Marlins will have a tough time filling the hole Rojas will leave in both the lineup and the infield. The Fish’s third baseman, Martin Prado, was also injured leaving an even bigger gap in the lineup.

Other injuries have affected both the Mets and Giants pitching rotation. Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner are expected to be out until at least July. Both clubs are currently not in the race for the division lead, but these injuries will not make it any easier to climb back into striking position.


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