Home Run Derby Ends With Harper On Top

The Home Run Derby was today and it was one of the best in recent memory. Each contest was extremely close, except the upset of #8 Hoskins (17 HRs) over #1 Aguilar (12 HRs), being within one home run. In the end Harper came up with a walk off win over Schwarber, 19 home runs to 18 home runs. Now a few things I saw while watching the Derby and other random internet discoveries:

  • Hoskins has effortless power. In two rounds, Hoskins had 37 home runs with every swing being effortless and easy. It showed especially in the first round when he beat out the home run leader Aguilar by 5 home runs while making every swing look as if a high schooler was up to bat. He again proved his power when he became the first contestant to reach 20 home runs in a semi-final round, only to be outdone by Schwarber a few minutes later.

  • Bryce Harper captivated the audience at Nationals Park and everyone at home with his beautiful swing but he wasn’t the only Harper to show off. Bryce’s dad showed off the big guns after his sons win and the internet being the internet he went viral for a bit. He looks as if Billy Mays and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love child and made an ABSOLUTE UNIT. No wonder Bryce was a prodigy, his dad was pressing 500Ib before he was even born!

  • Going back to Harper, like I said he showed off!! Bryce hit 9 home runs in 47 seconds…. 47 seconds!! that is faster than Uncle Ben’s rice can make some fucking rice! The entire time I was up and shouting giving him my love and support to lead him over Schwarber to a win. I’m not saying it was me who lead him to a win but the twinkle in his eye did leave me with butterflies in my stomach and I can only expect him to feel the same. The only thing left to do is PAY THE MAN his money so he can stay a National for the rest of his life and I can no longer feel sad about him hitting .217 before the All-Star break and just relax that he will help us with playoff runs with Scherzer and Strasburg for the next 5 years.

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