The Villains will get the Last Laugh

Everyone loves a good villain. Whether it is Hans Gruber from “Die Hard” or Darth Vader from “Star Wars” people always love to hate a good villain. The Golden State Warriors are no different.

The Warriors are entering Game 4 against the Utah Jazz with a record of 7-0 in the 2017 playoffs. They have won six of the seven games with double digits even with their head coach, Steve Kerr, out and most likely not returning for a few more games. They are winning and they are loving it.

The series with the Jazz, while not close, has been physical. Several players have gotten into altercations on the court due to this physical play. Late in Game 3, Kevin Durant and Rudy Golbert got into a scuffle but both players brushed off the altercation as physical basketball. The emotions don’t just stay on the court. The fans and players have been also getting into it.

Draymond Green, had to sit out in the second quarter after gaining three fouls and while walking back to the bench he signaled to the audience 2-0 referring to the games the Warriors were up. As he sat on the bench, he was booed by the Jazz fans for the gesture.

After the game Green commented “Yeah, they were booing me pretty loud, I think there’s some places I go where I should definitely should be booed. I don’t know if this is one of them. I’ve never really had any beef with any players on the Jazz or done anything wrong to them. So, I don’t know why they were booing me so loud, but I just reminded them they were down 2-0. Like, stop booing me like that. But it’s fun.”

The Warriors currently seem unstoppable. They are averaging 114.4 points a game while holding opponents to 99.2 points a game. Steph and Durant are averaging 26.7 ppg and 24.4 ppg, respectively and continue to pick each other up when someone has an off day. Game 3 vs the Jazz, Curry “only” had 23 points but shot 6-20 and 3-11 behind the arc, Durant picked up his teammate and went 15-26, 4-8 from 3’s and scored 38 points.

These Golden State Warriors will sweep the Utah Jazz tonight. Then they will go on to face Spurs or Rockets, but it doesn’t matter, the series will end in 5. After that the true opponent will arrive, the Cleveland Cavilers. Round Three of the Epic NBA Finals showdown will all but end with a Warrior victory, Durant outshining Lebron, and Steph winning his 2nd NBA Title to go along with his 2 MVP’s. And the Villains will get the last laugh.

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