Baseball is Back and So Is Jeff Passan

After 99 days of being in a lockout, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association finally agreed to a new labor deal. What does that mean? Well, BASEBALL IS BACK.

This was a long, drawn out back and forth between the two sides and it looked like it could have gone longer than previous stoppages. Luckily, it won’t.

Owners set deadline after deadline and made it look like they were pushing to get a deal done. Fans and followers of the game slowly became divided on who deserves the blame for the lockout. It was ugly. After seeing the blame shift from owners to players, players reassured fans that they aren’t the problem and they just want a fair deal for themselves.

It becomes more apparent that the players wanted to play when the breakdown of the voting was made public. The four teams not to vote for the agreement were: Astros, Cardinals, Mets, and Yankees.

ESPN’s Baseball insider Jeff Passan may have broke the new that “Baseball is back” but it was not an easy day for the guy.

Not even a few hours later, he got his account back and broke the news. The best part- laughing about the whole thing.

Everything is back on and the season is now just weeks away. Everyone will be at camp by Sunday, March 13 and the regular season official starts on April 7. Let the free agency frenzy and games begin!

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