Former Illinois Prep Athletes and their NBA Performances- March 28- Happy Birthday Max Strus, Roby’s Career-High Night, & More

Monday, eight former Illinois prep athletes saw minutes in various NBA games. Below I look into and share each of their NBA performances from March 28.

Best of the Day: Isaiah Roby

Isaiah Roby (Dixon) scored a career-high 30 points which included several big shots down the stretch.

  • Isaiah Roby (Dixon/Oklahoma City Thunder)- 38 minutes, a game-high 30 points, 11/13 FG, 4/5 3PT, 4/8 FT, 2 offensive rebounds, 8 total rebounds, 4 assists, a team-high 2 steals (tied with 2 others), a game-high 2 blocks (tied with Portland’s Drew Eubanks), 2 turnovers, and +3 in a 134-131 overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Rest of the Day’s Performances:

  • Admiral Schofield (Zion-Benton Township/Orlando Magic)- 20 minutes, 10 points, 4/8 FG, 2/6 3PT, 3 rebounds, an assist, 2 turnovers, and -18 in a 107-101 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Keifer Sykes (Marshall/Indiana Pacers)- 34 minutes, 16 points, 6/9 FG, 4/6 3PT, a rebound, 4 assists, a steal, 2 turnovers, and -2 in a 132-123 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.
    • First start since February 8.
  • Max Strus (Stagg/Miami Heat)- 30 minutes, 8 points, 3/12 FG, 2/9 3PT, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, a steal, a game-worst 4 turnovers (tied with Kings’ Davion Mitchell), and a game-high +24 (tied with Bam Adebayo) in a 123-100 win over the Sacramento Kings.
  • Ayo Dosunmu (Morgan Park/Chicago Bulls)- 36 minutes, 10 points, 4/8 FG, 2/5 3PT, an offensive rebound, 2 total rebounds, 3 assists, a turnover, and -8 in a 109-104 loss to the New York Knicks.
  • Fred VanVleet (Auburn/Toronto Raptors)- 40 minutes, 14 points, 4/13 FG, 3/9 3PT, 3/3 FT, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, a game-high 3 steals (tied with 3 others), a block, a team-high 4 turnovers, and +3 in a 115-112 overtime win over the Boston Celtics.
  • John Konchar (West Chicago/Memphis Grizzlies)- 16 minutes, 2 points, 1/2 FG, 0/1 3PT, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, a game-high 2 steals (tied with 4 others), a turnover, and +8 in a 123-95 win over the Golden State Warriors.
  • Andre Iguodala (Lanphier/Golden State Warriors)- 16 minutes, 6 points, 2/3 FG, 1/2 3PT, 1/2 FT, a team-high 2 offensive rebounds (tied with Andrew Wiggins), 3 total rebounds, 2 assists, and +2 in 123-95 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.
    • This was Iggy’s first game since early February.
    • He was once traded to the Grizzlies but never played because he wanted a team that was championship bound. And the fans and players did not forget. It showed.

Extra News

It was a busy day for Max Strus (Stagg) on Wednesday. Not only was it his 26th birthday but he got the start and announced his very own basketball camp.

The camp will take place in July and will be at two of his former stomping grounds- Stagg High School and DePaul. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Andrew Weishar Foundation founded by close friends of Strus.

For more on the Max Strus Basketball camp, check out their Instagram page, here.

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