Chi League

  This past Saturday, I spent the afternoon watching basketball at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School  on 211 S Laflin Street. Chi League is widely known as one of the best pro ams in the country.  

 Photo creds: Lit Fuse Productions

    This event takes place every weekend for ten weekends (Every Saturday and Sunday). There are four games each day. At one point the have an All Star game and a few different contests. Don’t think you’ll get bored watching four straight basketball games. There is so much talent. Tons of explosive and exciting plays. 

Side note: I was just randomly taking a video over snapchat and suddenly that happened. I decided to save it on my camera roll to share. I also put it on my Snapchat story for that day. The man talking is known as World Wide Wayne and he is the mc of the event. He is very good at what he does. Wayne is also the mc for the McDonalds All American Game.

  Chi League is so much more then just basketball. It’s a family event. They have free food, children can shoot around on several arcade minihoops, and even get their face painted. If you are looking for a quick haircut, they even have a barbershop with trained barbers.

  If you are looking to run into some interesting people; this is the place. Plenty of pro and college players have stopped by in the past and just this weekend even. Will Bynum, Keifer Sykes, Rob Covington, and the hometown favorite Derrick Rose all showed up this weekend. Many others showed up also.  

  Photo Courtesy of Lit Fuse Production   Photo Creds: Scott/BallisLife

 Photo Creds: Scott/BallisLife

  Nike also offers basketball training for kids on the weekend at variou Chicago parks. For more information follow them on Twitter: @NIKEChicago or on their website .


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