Jimmy G. Butler, the “G” stand for GETS PAID

Photo creds: @TeamCoachBuzz on Twitter

Jimmy Butler made his Bulls contract official today by inking the deal. It has been reported that the contract is worth about $95 million/5 years. There is also an option to opt out after the fourth year.

Uneducated fans have spent the offseason worrying that Butler would be headed elsewhere. Fans believed he was going to be heading west and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. That was just a bunch of meaningless rumors. There was no need to worry. The Chicago Bulls were able to match any offer and offer the max contract to him.

The Bulls offered Butler a 4yr/$44mil extension after the 13-14 season. He chose to deny it. He felt he would have a superb season and make the Bulls think different about his worth and value to the team. That’s exactly what happened.

With the absence of Derrick Rose for parts of the seasons; his stats rose. (Enter quiet chuckle). Points, rebounds, you name it. They all went up. He did so well, it earned him a spot on his first ever All-Star team roster. Butler had such an amazing season, he won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award.

Plenty were in attendance at his press conference from the media to his family to his old college coach at Marquette, Buzz Williams.

The United Center put up an image outside to get Bulls fans excited.

 Photo creds: @NickFriedell on Twitter

In other related news, the great Mark Wahlberg congratulated his friend in an Instagram post. (see below)

 Photo creds: Mark Wahlberg’s Instagram account

Quote: “I knew I wanted to be here. I love the city playing here, love the city. It was a no brainer.”

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