White Sox vs. Cubs

Yesterday was the first game of the annual Crosstown Classic. I’m going to share with you memories from my first Cubs game, first Crosstown Classic game, and also my first game at Wrigley.  That game was June 17, 2009.

 This photo was taken using a disposable camera.

 Part of my ticket from that game.

That night before the game I got very little sleep. I woke up at 5 a.m. that morning. Before games I like to get stuff together to get signed.  You just never know who you will run into and see. Earlier in the week I read how Frank Thomas would be guest hosting the pregame and postgame show for CSN Chicago during the Crosstown Classic. I chose 3 cards of Frank Thomas to bring and hopefully get signed.  

I don’t remember much of the actual game. I do remember that Ryan Dempster started for the Cubs and the White Sox won. I googled to see what came up about that game. White Sox won 4-1 behind a gem from John Danks. John Danks gave up five hits, gave up one run, while striking out nine Cub batters during his seven innings pitched. Bobby Jenks got his 15th save of the year. That info doesn’t really matter in the long run because I didn’t remember that stuff.

After the game, my brother and I made our way to the Cub’s dugout. I was on a mission to get Frank Thomas’ autograph. We waited for a few minutes. He was not signing for anyone since he was busy preparing for the show. People started helping me and hollered,”Sign the kid’s ball!” Oh yeah, I brought a ball too! He proceeded to sign the ball and the signed the three cards. That was the highlight of that day. More cool things did happen. Frank Thomas, Luke Stuckmeyer, and Doug Glanville relaxing before their postgame show on Comcast SportsNet.

My brother and I headed toward the stadium exits but made a quick stop in the souvenir shop. I bought this $20 dollar recyclable grocery bag filled with different Cub items. There was a pack of baseball cards in it and I got a Mark DeRosa Cubs card.

The lady who was working in the shop said that the opposing players walked out by the nearby exit. We waited inside the shop until the had to tell to leave. We eventually headed toward the exit and waited outside Wrigley Field.  I took this picture of Bobby Jenks since that was my other brother’s favorite player. (See below)

We also saw Jayson Nix walk out of the stadium and into a taxi. He was in a rush to the taxi and didn’t sign any autographs. Not even a hello back. I was disappointed. We took some pictures outside and left.

 This is 12 year old me.

Overall this was one exciting day filled with many great memories. In the end, wins and loses aren’t important. I didn’t even remember that they won. But it was a bonus though.

The Sox came out victorious in Game 1 on J.B. Shuck sac fly to put them up 1-0 on Friday afternoon. Today’s matchup should be exciting with Lester and Chris Sale. Go Sox!


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  1. This is great!!


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