Playoffs or Bust

The Chicago Cubs are in it for the long haul after their deadline moves. Everyone in their organization truly believes that they could win with the team they have.

The Cubs had a three-game series against the struggling Phillies. That series could have helped them get ahead but in this series, it was the Cubs who struggled. Reality struck for the Cubs. If they wanted to make it to the playoffs they have to focus and give it their all. They started to realize nothing is given and if they want to make it to the playoffs they have to start working harder.

Since the Phillies series, the Cubs have gone 13-2. They have been red hot. Currently, they are 62-48. Cubs are the 3rd in the Central division and 2nd in the Wild Card race behind the Pirates. If they finish the season in the Wild Card race they will have a one-game playoff game to decide who gets to the playoffs.

The Cubs would have the second best record if they played in the American League. That shows how good the National League is this year. They have the fourth best record in the MLB which is crazy to think about considering they lost 89 games last season.

Starlin Castro sat out his 3rd game today. He’s frustrated but he has said he understands because he wants his team to do well.

Coming up:

They have a 3 game series against the Brewers. They just swept them a week ago. Cubs are 6-4 on the season against Milwaukee and will look to use this series to make a jump in the standings.

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