Late Tuesday Night and early Wednesday morning it seemed to appear someone hacked into the Michigan Football and Basketball pages.

 People saw such headlines as, “Kim K. wearing her little sisters’ bikini” or “Crazy extreme selfies”. Here’s another example of another post:

People didn’t seem mad in the comments. They tend to make jokes about the situation. Here’s a list of some of the comments…..

  1. Savage
  2. Go big blue
  3. Michigan you’re drunk go home
  4. I knew there was a reason I love Michigan lmao
  5. The intern is on fire tonight haha
  6. Someone is fired
  7. Well if Michigan posted it I guess it’s safe and educational
  8. This seems in poor taste, and not what U of M stands for.

My favorite had to be #4.

Wednesday morning, Michigan came out with a statement apologizing for what happened.  

All images come from different Michigan Facebook pages.

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1 thought on “Hacked

  1. Cool article!


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