119 Pitches


It’s one thing to dominate a team but to just demolish a team like how the Chicago Cubs did against the Cincinnati Reds is unheard of. The Cubs have had already proved they are too much to handle for the Reds already.

Tonight, was not only about a Jake Arrieta no-hitter. So much took place tonight in Cincinnati. It was a quiet night at the ballpark. Only 16, 497 people attended the game. According to Darren Rovell tonight’s average sold ticket price sold on StubHub for tonight’s game was $30. He stated many tickets were sold under $10. We’ll start hearing stories from several people about how they were witnesses of this night even though they most likely weren’t at the game.

Cub batters were as good as they have been all season. They scored a run in all but 2 innings tonight, six of the seven were innings with multiple runs being scored. Last week, Reds pitcher Brandon Finnegan last week went 6 2/3 inning before he gave up any hits against this same Cub ball club. This week was a different story. Dexter Fowler hit a double off the very first pitch in the whole game. Every starter for them had at least one hit. Cubs had 18 total hits tonight. They now have a run differential of +32 against the Reds in 4 games.

Kris Bryant had himself a night at the plate. He went 4 for 6 tonight, he had a career-high 6 RBIs night. He also hit 2 home runs while scoring 4 runs.

Grandpa Ross who caught the whole game also looked solid at the plate tonight. He had two hits, a RBI, and scored three times.

The game will be remembered because of Arrieta’s No-hitter. He pitched nine hit-less innings in which he walked four Red batters and struck six of them out. It took him 119 pitches but was worth it to him. He became the fourth reigning Cy Young winner to a no-hitter (Koufax, Gibson, and Kershaw).One thing Cub pitcher do well is hit. Arrieta does too. He went 2 for 4, with one walk and scoring once.

Congrats to Jake Arrieta for yet another accomplishment.


Chicago Cubs 16, Reds 0.

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