What a bargin from Big Baller Brands

Lavar, Lonzo, and Big Baller Brands launched their first shoe today and let’s just say the ZO2 leaves a lot to be desired.

The ZO2 at first look reminds me of those And1 shoes you can get at Walmart.  Normally the black and gold color combo is always a safe option but somehow they even managed to screw that up, with the metallic sole and the off gold trim, these shoes look very cheap, which is actually quite comical because with the price tag of $495 they are the most costly performance basketball shoe ever to be released. If I’m going to pay $500 for a shoe it better be made of gold and I promise you the ZO2’s aren’t.

Then Lavar shot off this tweet because why not kick the hornets nests that is Twitter.

There is a reason so many companies didn’t want to team up with Big Baller Brands. Any sensible person can plainly see how risky it would be to team up with Lavar the loose cannon. I can just imagine Nike’s advisors and lawyers making sure they distance themselves as far from the man who is using his undrafted son as seed money in an attempt to launch Big Baller Brands into the big leagues of merchandise.

I hope that someday the Ball children find a way to distance themselves from the man that is making them so despised. I’ve heard Lonzo talk about two times last season and he seems like a very likable kid. We all know the kid can ball (no pun intended) but with Lavar making the claims that he does the amount of pressure that is on those kids is unimaginable.

P.S. This should go without saying but save your money kids. Nobody needs $500 shoes!


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