They Need to STOP this!

Last night the Cubs and the Yankees played an 18 inning game and in the process, they also broke the record for most strikeouts with 48K’s.

The game lasted an absurd 6 hours and 5 minutes before the Yankees came out on top. This game is the perfect example of why the MLB needs to make some changes.

This is a huge problem that major league baseball needs to address. A rule change needs to be made to limit the length of games. The way I see it the MLB has three options, after the tenth inning each team puts a runner at 2nd at the begging of each half inning.

  1. After the tenth inning, each team puts a runner at 2nd at the begging of each half inning.
  2. After the 12th inning, each hit should count as a run. This would end most games quickly and make it much more interesting after the twelfth.
  3. After the 15th inning, the game should just end in a tie. At this point, the game becomes damaging to the players and the fans.

In marathon games, the amount of damage done to everyone playing, watching, broadcasting, and just associated with the game is obvious. The games like this cause bullpens get exhausted and then relief pitchers be used the next night. Players are tired for the next game especially if both teams have to travel much like what happened last night/this morning.

This all leads up to damaging the fan base. You will have fans that saved up all year to bring their kids to a game and all they wanted was to see their favorite player play but due to the neverending game the night before that player and manager made the decision to rest instead. Even best case scenario, they play but are unable to play at full strength because of the exhaustion that occurred with the game the night before. The worst thing that can happen is damage to the fan base because without them the game is nothing.

Extended extra innings needs to change, Major Leauge Baseball needs to make a rule change. After all the baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint.

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