Lavar Strikes Again


It has been a week or two since Lavar Ball has launched the ZO2’s by Big Baller Brands and he took to FS1 today to discuss the possibility of bringing a women’s line under the brand’s name. In doing so he found himself in hot water…big surprise right.


Lavar said that Big Baller Brand will not be bringing on a women’s line because “Big Ballers”…BBB is not a “women’s company.” So now one of the most talked about men of this year in sports is not an athlete…instead he is a father that started a brand so that his son could have a clothing and shoe deal. That’s not even the end of it, now he says that his absolutely exclusive top of the line brand will not cater anything to women because they are “Baller enough”.

I would love to see Brittney Griner dunk on this guy or see any of those MMA girls meet him in the octagon. He thinks that women aren’t worthy of his brand and that just adds to the many reasons that BBB won’t be able to compete with the giants in the industry. Huge Shoutout to Lavar again, you’re absolutely killing the PR game!

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