Another Step Back for Tiger

Early Memorial Day morning Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel and upon blowing .000 on the breathalyzer test he was taken back and booked with DUI. He stated that he wasn’t drinking but it was a reaction to pain medication he was taking and the breathalyzer results back that claim.

As a kid, I wanted to be Tiger. I had a tiger driver head cover and thought that was the coolest thing ever. Everything from cheating on his wife, to the back surgeries, and being unable to play, plus now the cops finding him asleep and the wheel and charging him with a DUI. Tiger’s fall from the atop the golf world has been a truly sad sight to see.

He very recently made a statement saying:

 He “unequivocally” wants to play professional golf again in a statement posted to his website on Wednesday

I was really hoping to see Tiger back on tour within the next year or so and I believe that there is a slim chance we will,  but unfortunately for Tiger, he makes headlines again and not for a good reason.


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