Zach Randolph Dealing?

News broke late last night and early into this morning that the NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested for intent for possession of marijuana with felony intent to sell. Below is the picture of him waltzing out of jail after he posted bond this morning. For someone who is being charged with a felony, he doesn’t seem too worried.


Let’s break is one down: Someone who has banked right around $150 million in his NBA career is going around looking to sell weed? Common sense says nope. Most of Twitter agreed that Randolph is just a rich guy who bought a ton of weed but selling? No. It seems to me that ZBo was just trying to save some money using the buy in bulk discount. I can almost guarantee the last thing on his mind last night before he got busted was where has was going to unload his mountain of weed.

It should be interesting to see what comes out of this mess Randolph has found himself in.

1 thought on “Zach Randolph Dealing?

  1. Love it


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