What a Wild Reduction…

In a preseason game on August 19th Vontaze Burfict smacked a cheap shot on the Chiefs Anthony Sherman while he was running down the field and clearly out of the play. He was originally suspended for five games but news broke today that the NFL reduced his suspension down to three games.

For some reason, the NFL decided to cut down the suspension for someone who has clearly taken cheap shots before. Rather than make an example out of Mr. Burfict (a repeat offender) like they clearly could have, they pulled a classic NFL move and cut him a deal. At this point, all players in the league should be scared for their health because a blind side on a defenseless player is only deemed a three game suspension.

I’ve never given a pro tip to any professional athletes but here it goes.

PRO TIP: If you’re an NFL player be careful about who you wrong because three games are nothing if you trash the wrong guy on twitter.

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