Talking Vikings without Sam Bradford Blog #1

Welcome to week one of Talking Vikings without Sam Bradford. A quick forewarning I won’t type that fateful name again during the course of these blogs until the Viking lose because I believe that too much praise for a specific QB was part of the reason the Vikings collapsed last year.

The Minnesota Vikings opened the 2017 season with a game in U.S. Bank Stadium against the New Orleans Saints. The Vikings ended up taking the victory by a score of 29-19 but when watching the game most got the feeling the Saints didn’t have a chance and were lucky that it wasn’t a blowout.

Quarterback: The Vikings QB looked in premium condition during the duration of the entire game. After game one the question was raised, could he who shall not be named be an Elite QB? The Vikings quarterback was 27 of 32 and racked up 346 yards along with three touchdowns and the icing on the cake, zero turnovers.

Running Back: I have to say I was amazed that Dalvin Cook resembled a reincarnated younger faster Adrian Peterson and it was truly a delight to watch. Not to mention watching AP get frustrated and yell at Sean Payton was remarkably satisfying. Cook tore up 127 rushing yards against a defensive line that was absolutely getting bullied by the Vikings OLine.

Receivers: Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen buried the young secondary of the Saints  Diggs snagged seven receptions for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns. While Thielen grabbed nine balls for 157 yards. These two relatively unknown players out of college have turned into stars before my very eyes and let me say if the rest of the NFL isn’t ready these two are ready to take it by storm.


Defence: Except for the 4th quarter when they stopped trying, the Vikings defence physically, mentally, and emotionally owned Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, and the rest of the Saints offense. Enough said.

As for next week at Heinz Field against the Steelers, I’m predicting a 28-14 Vikings win.

Skol Vikes

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