Are the Badgers doomed?

The Bowl rankings just came out and the Badgers are looking on the outside in according to those on the selection committee…

#9 are you serious?  Trust me I’ll be the first one to say that the Badgers have yet to play any team that is even remotely good but to be ranked number 9? That is an absolute slap in the face. When it comes to anything big-time Wisconsin is always left out and this is no different. Apparently running the ball for nearly two-hundred and fifty yards a game isn’t flashy enough for the selection committee. Apparently throwing TD a pass to lineman isn’t “cool” enough to earn even a thought in their thick skulls.

I could write until my fingers fall off about how the Badgers are always underappreciated and here we have yet another example. When the Badgers go undefeated and somehow still don’t make the playoffs you’ll be able to find me down outside College Football Playoff HQ demanding answers.

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