Kendall Coyne, Michael Schofield Return Home to Raise Money for Chiappetti’s Medical Expense

Friday night, hockey fans, football fans, and locals of Palos Heights/Orland and the surrounding areas gathered at Plush Horse Ice Cream. Unlike most visits, they had the chance to meet a 2x Olympic medalist, Kendal Coyne and Super Bowl 50 Champion, Michael Schofield.

The event was held to raise money for the Chiappetti family. David Chiapetti, 19, was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident while in Wisconsin on February 22. He was airlifted to Central Wisconsin Trauma Center from the accident after suffering head trauma and internal injuries (Lakeland Time) after being flung from his vehicle.

Chiapetti remains in a coma at the trauma center and they do not know when he will wake up. According to the GoFundMe page, he has been progressing, even performing small hand and feet movements as well as breathing without a ventilator for short periods of time.

Local star athletes Kendall Coyne and Michael Schofield joined in the fundraising efforts by hosting an event Friday, March 23rd at the Plush Horse Ice Cream shop.

Coyne and Schofield were greeted by a long line of fans. Upon donation, attendees can meet both athletes and receive a signed photo. Both athletes have reached the top of the mountain when it comes to their respective sport (Kendal Coyne- Gold Olympic medal at Pyeongchang and Silver Olympic medal at Sochi, Schofield- Super Bowl). Those in line were able to hold/wear the Olympic medals and try on the Super Bowl 50 championship ring. A few hundred attended the event.

Thanks to all the people who attended and Coyne and Schofield matching the donations, they raised $17, 502.

All donations during Friday’s event were matched by Coyne and Schofield.

For more information or if you are looking to donate, visit:

P.S. She used the photo I took in all here social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)  posts.

2 thoughts on “Kendall Coyne, Michael Schofield Return Home to Raise Money for Chiappetti’s Medical Expense

  1. Cassie Legerski March 24, 2018 — 11:24 am

    Such a great article! Thank you so much for publishing this the Chiappetti’s truly appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Trying to do my part!


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