2-time Olympic Medalist Kendall Coyne “Tossed” the First Pitch at the White Sox Game

The Chicago White Sox dropped their fourth game of the weekend and second to the Detroit Tigers on Saturday. Tigers’ Michael Fulmer and Miguel Cabrera help lead the team to a 6-1 victory.

Sox fans did at least get enjoy a special first pitch done by southside of Chicago native, Kendall Coyne. Coyne is a 2-time Olympic medalist, winning the silver (Sochi 2014) and gold (Pyeongchang) this past February. She had two goals and assist in five games in South Korea.

Saturday afternoon, she got to rep a #26 Coyne White Sox jersey while getting the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. But she did not “throw out” the baseball. She walked out with a hockey instead. She shot and launch the baseball 60+ feet to home plate for a very high strike.

She shared the White Sox tweet and said, “Thank you @whitesox for having me today! had so much fun shooting (winking face emoji) the first pitch. It was such an honor! (United States Flag) #SouthSide.”

This was not Coyne’s first time around the block. On May 25, 2014, shortly after winning her first Olympic medal, Coyne threw out the first pitch before a White Sox/Yankees game.

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