Sergio Romo Gets the Start, Again

Entering Saturday night’s Tampa Bay Rays/Los Angeles Angels game, Sergio Romo, 35, had made 588 appearances, all being in relief. Friday evening, the Tampa Bay Rays announced Romo would be starting Saturday’s game.

This would be Romo’s first ever start in the Major Leagues which he was very excited for.

“I can tell you this: Sergio Romo’s really excited about this. He might be the most excited of anybody in baseball,” said Kevin Cash, Rays manager, on MLB Network Radio.

Romo said, “What a box to check off. You know, to start…to be a starting pitcher in a Major League Baseball game…[pause]…I don’t know, pretty fun.”

Romo quickly made his mark as a starting pitcher after dominating the Angels. He faced Zack Cozart, Mike Trout, and Justin Upton and only needed 18 pitches to do so. Here is how the at-bats went:

He was so impressive, Cash decided he will start Romo again on Sunday.

Although, starting two games in a row is rare it is not anything new in baseball; last being done in 2012.

Will Sergio Romo pitch another hit-less inning?

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