MLB Baseball Debate

In recent years, arguments have been made that baseball is the sport of the past and is no longer entertaining. Others will argue the opposite and that it is the best it has ever been. One thing is for sure, that baseball players have launched a lot of home runs in recent years.

Thursday morning, Major League Baseball released a statement on the results of a study done by a “committee of scientists” who were researching the cause of the increased number of home runs since 2015.

The committee consisted of 10 people, mostly professors, a PhD student, and the owner of They come from all over, the West coast, East coast, and the Midwest.

The committee looked at StatCast data, Rawlings manufacturing and quality tests, and tests of their own involving the baseballs. In the report, it states, “The committee set its own agenda and arrived at its own conclusions and recommendations, independent of MLB.”

Their findings ultimately concluded that it has nothing to do with the baseball but Aerodynamics instead.

MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred looked into the findings and has come with five actions:

  1. Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity Conditions.
  2. Review of Production Specifications of Baseballs
  3. Perform Aerodynamic Testing on Baseballs.
  4. Create Standards for Mud Rubbing.
  5. Formation of a Scientific Advisory Council.

“I thank the committee for all of its hard work on this important issue. Based on the results of their study, I am accepting their recommendations immediately and look forward to their continued guidance in this area,” said Manfred.

A Look At The Home Run Totals

The Baseball Almanac offers an excellent view at the year-by-year total and many other useful stats. In 2014, the total home runs hit dropped nearly 500 from the year before. In 2015, MLB saw a 723 home run increase and then another 701 home run increase in the year totals in 2016. In 2017, home runs were hit at a historic pace. Across the MLB, a record 6,105 home runs were hit. It was the first season that major league baseball players hit over six thousand home runs. Two of those players, Giancarlo Stanton (59) and rookie Aaron Judge (52), became the first two to reach 50+ home runs in a season since 2007 (Alex Rodriguez-54 and Prince Fielder-50). And now they get to be teammates hitting home runs together.

The home runs are not going anywhere, so sit back, relax, and try to catch one.

For the full committee’s findings, click here.

For the executive summary of the committee’s findings. click here.

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