NBA Twitter Rally Together After Passing of NBA Writer Bo Churney

A different side of Twitter was seen Wednesday afternoon after learning of the passing of Atlanta-based, NBA writer Bo Churney.

Sports writer Robby Kalland heard about the news from Churney’s brother and wanted to let others around the NBA Twitter community know.

Soon after, a fundraising page had been set up on for the money raised to go to a cause close to Bo in the Atlanta area. The money raised will go to Lost N Found Youth which is “an organization that provides outreach, crisis support, services, clothes, food, and safe shelter for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ youth between 13-25 in the Atlanta area.”

The Atlanta Hawks were one of the first to reach out giving their condolences and offering direction with the fundraising efforts.

Several others around the Basketball Twitter community voiced their thoughts, feelings, and memories on twitter.

Originally, just trying to raise around one thousand dollars, the page would soon have to adjust their fundraising goal. Currently (May 24th at 1:25), $13, 141.56 has been raised for the Lost N Found Youth group in less than a day.

If you can donate, click here.

With all that said, this is challenging stuff to deal with but there are people out there willing to help and listen. Reach out to others. Another option is the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Rest In Peace, Bo Churney.




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