LeBron James Finally Follows Jayson Tatum Back

Thursday afternoon,  LeBron James took some time out of his day to finally respond to Jayson Tatum’s tweet by following him on Instagram.

A younger Tatum tweeted an old photo of him and James in hopes of getting the NBA superstar to follow him on Twitter back in 2012.

The day has come for Tatum. While on his family vacation, James did some social media scrolling and decided to follow the Celtics’ star on Instagram. james

Was not Twitter but Instagram will do. Many quickly took to the Internet to share the news. After an ESPN post on Instagram shared the screen grab, James himself commented under the post.

He said, “By the way I never saw this tweet until after the season was over. People told me about it going into the Boston series but I wasn’t on social to see for myself.

NBA fans will remember this post being circulated right before the Eastern Conference Finals when the two were set to face off. James did not address it because he was on his Zero Dark Thirty social media cleanse where leaves during the playoffs.

Tatum did not get the series win but had this dunk and bump to show up LBJ and remember forever.

NBA Twitter quickly memed the photo of James and Tatum by swapping their heads.

The follow by James had to come eventually. For LeBron, he shows respect when respect is due and after that dunk and the rest of Tatum’s performance, this was well deserved.

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