Nick’s NFL Pick 5 for Week 3

Titans (-1.5) @ Jaguars

  • The Jaguars are in an interesting spot with key CB Jalney Ramsey and Coach Doug Marrone getting into a heated argument during the game last week, which seems to have led to Ramsey asking for a trade. Reports came out today that Marrone will have Ramsey in the starting lineup which could cause some excess drama not only between the two but could be a distraction for the team. I believe that the most important part of the matchup here is how Derrick Henry is able to run the ball against the Jag’s defense which gave up a 99 yard TD to him last year. I expect a big game from Henry and I will be taking the Titans -1.5 Derrick Henry Over 73.5 Rush Yards. 

Giants (+6.5) @ Bucs

  • Daniel Jones who will be starting his first game for this Giants team who is in desperate need for a change. I believe the most important and underrated part of this matchup is the energy that Daniel Jones starting will bring to an otherwise energyless franchise. Look for them to take the Bucs down to the wire in this game with some renewed energy. Giants +6.5 is the play.
  • Plus how can this face not cover?
  • Image result for daniel Jones

Steelers (+6.5) @ 49ers

  • Big Ben is out for the season which means the remainder of the steelers season falls on the shoulders of Mason Rudolph and it couldn’t have happened at a more desperate time. Look for Mike Tomlin to do whatever it takes (including tripping people) to win this game. Take the Steelers +6.5  they’ll do whatever it takes to win this week.
  • Image result for mike tomlin tripping gif

Saints @ Seahawks (-4.5)

  • This game is as easy as taking the better QB and as a Vikings fan, I still have a soft spot for Teddy Two Gloves but he is going to be outmatched in this one. Look for the Seahawks -4.5 to win by a touchdown in this one thanks to a turnover late from Teddy.
  • Image result for russell wilson gif

Bears @ Redskins (+4)

  • This one is clearly going to come down to a field at the end of the game because if the Bears have shown us anything they’ve shown us that the most they will win by this season is going to be a field goal. Take the Redskins +4 and sit back, relax, and watch the Bears fans have a meltdown on twitter about Trubisky.
  • Image result for double doink gif

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