Sideline Icons #28- December 17, 2020: Shoutouts, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens comeback, Sideline Bets, an interview with former Notre Dame tight night Nic Weishar and more

Nick Richter, Tom Rhomberg, and Xavier Sanchez come together to for another episode of Sideline Icons. We chat about the wild Monday Night Football Game and what took place while covering a couple other games. We even have on a former guest in former Notre Dame tight end Nic Weishar to talk about the success of Weish Fest, his Yoke Gaming company he co-founded and more. After a successful 5-1 week of Sudeline Bets, we had that and of course the rest of the normal segments. Enjoy!

Full Show Notes:

  • Shoutouts- Negro League Baseball, Giannis Antetokounmpo gets paid
  • NFL- Ravens/Browns in the “Ah Shit game”, Wentz and the Eagles are over (somewhat), and the Chargers and Falcons compete in a one score game.
  • Interview with Nic Weishar- Weish Fest, Yoke Gaming, and his career at Notre Dame and the upcoming matchup between Clemson vs. Notre Dame
  • Fantasy Football Minute- New setup leaves Tom as the “FFM” for next week
  • Sideline Bets
  • Weekly Watchlist


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