Former Illinois Prep Athletes and their NBA Performances- January 4 Recap

Monday evening, 10 former Illinois prep athletes saw minutes in a NBA game. Below I look into and share each of their NBA performances from January 4.

Best of the Day: Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is often referred to as one of the biggest what if’s” in NBA. Rightfully so! He was the youngest NBA MVP in history and unfortunately suffered to big knee injuries. Despite all of this, he’s found a way to carve out a overall solid career and has brought some veteran leadership to some young teams over the last few years. Monday, the Pistons fell short but Rose did have a 24-2-8-1 game in just 25 minutes.

  • Derrick Rose (Simeon/Pistons)- 25 minutes, 24 points, 9/18 FG, 2/4 3PT, 4/4 FT, 2 rebounds, 8 assists, a steal, and +4 in a 125-115 loss to the Bucks

The rest of the performances of the day:

  • Jahlil Okafor (Whitney Young/Pistons)- 4 minutes, 2 points, 1/2 FG, an offensive rebound, and -2 in a 125-115 loss to the Bucks.
  • Jalen Brunson (Stevenson/Mavericks)- 19 minutes, 6 points, 2/6 FG, 0/1 3PT, 2/2 FT, 4 assists, and -4 in a 113-100 win over the Rockets.
  • Brodric Thomas (Bolingbrook/Rockets)- 1 minute, 0/1 FG, 0/1 3PT, and -1 in a 113-100 loss to the Mavericks.
  • Fred VanVleet (Auburn/Raptors)- 33 minutes, 35 points, 13/20 FG, 6/9 3PT, 3/4 FT, an offensive rebound, 8 total rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 turnovers, and -9 in a 126-114 loss to the Celtics.

  • Isaiah Roby (Dixon/Thunder)- 24 minutes, 3 points, 1/5 FG, 1/3 3PT, an offensive rebound, 2 total rebounds, 2 assists, a block, a turnover, -20, and -9 in a 118-90 loss to the Heat.
  • Andre Iguodala (Lanphier/Heat)- 15 minutes, 9 points, 3/5 FG, 3/4 3PT, an assist, a steal, and +11 in a 118-90 win over the Thunder.
Miami Heat’s Andre Iguodala driving to basket in a 118-90 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Kendrick Nunn (Simeon/Heat)- 6 minutes, 8 points, 4/6 FG, 0/2 3PT, 2 assists, and -1 in 118-90 win over the Thunder.
  • JaVale McGee (Franciscan/Cavaliers)- 14 minutes, 2 points, 1/7 FG, 0/1 3PT, 2 rebounds, an assist, a block, and -11 in a 103-83 loss to the Magic.
  • Richaun Holmes (Lockport/Kings)- 19 minutes, 4 points, 2/4 FG, an offensive rebound, 3 total rebounds, a steal, a turnover, and -9 in a 137-106 loss to the Warriors.

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