Ryan Zimmerman: The Man of D.C.

Athletes playing their whole career for one team/city has become a thing of the past but a few still hold onto the tradition. One of those players is Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals. In 2005, Zimmerman was drafted in the first round with the fourth overall pick by the Nats in the MLB Draft. 16 years later, he remains a stable for the organization and their fanbase. Saturday, Mr. National continued to cement his name as all-time D.C. great.

Behind the bats of Josh Harrison and Ryan Zimmerman, the Washington turned a 6-1 deficit into a 12-9 win in front of 15, 440 Nationals fans.

Ryan Zimmerman vs. Orioles on Saturday: 3 for 5, 3 runs, a home run, 3 runs batted in, a strikeout, and one left on base.

  • Plate Appearance #1- Pop outs to first base.
  • Plate Appearance #2- Single on a ground ball to left field.
  • Plate Appearance #3- Home run on a fly ball to left-center field. 2 others score.
  • Plate Appearance #4- Singles on a ground ball to third base. (INFIELD HIT)!
  • Plate Appearance #5- Strikeout

On a Kyle Schwarber single in the sixth inning, Zimmerman scored for the third time of the day and his 948th time as a member of the Nationals. It put him past Hall of Famer Tim Raines for the franchise lead.

Beside runs, Zimmerman is the Nat leader in hits, doubles, home runs, RBIs, plate appearances, extra-base hits and total bases.

“I’m just lucky enough to be able to do it in one place. Not many guys get the opportunity like I’ve had. I think everyone knows how I feel about this D.C. area and the fanbase and how special it is to me.”


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