Sideline Icons #53- June 10, 2021: Gerrit Cole DOES NOT Use Spider Tack

We are back for episode 53 where we talk NBA and MLB storylines this week.

Earth gets a shoutout because Jeff Bezos is heading to space, Odicci Alexander gets a shoutout for pitching 64+ innings for JMU in the College Softball World Series, and Mayweather and Paul get a shoutout for duping America and making millions for 8 rounds of pretend boxing.

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and we chat about the young players making a name for themselves while in the spotlight. New teams are shining and young stars are taking over the game while some of the classic players are missing the late rounds of the playoffs this year.

Pitchers are on the hotseat right now as the MLB begins to focus on the use of spider tack and other substances. Gerrit Cole had a tough press conference where he completely failed to deny the use of these substances, and he couldn’t even pretend to lie.

Finally, we discuss episode 1 of the Netflix series “Five Came Back” and plan to watch episode 2 next week. Watch along and join in the conversation.


*NOTE* Above section is the description of the episode that can be read on the podcast apps. It was done by host Tom Rhomberg.

Full Show Notes

  • Shoutouts
  • Jeff Bezos to Space
  • Odicci Alexander the Great
  • ESPN/Sportcenter not hyping up Simone Biles’ latest accomplishment and instead talking nonstop about the Mayweather-Paul fight
  • Gerrit Cole
  • NBA Headlines Nikola Jokič’s NBA MVP
  • Weekly Watchlist review of “Five Came Back Ep. 1” on Netflix



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