Joey Votto Makes Fan’s Day

Joey Votto is in his fifteenth season with the Cincinnati Reds and he continues to be one of the more like-able players in the league. And a fan favorite. Saturday, one fan was a little upset after her favorite player was ejected.

Votto was called out on his check swing after an appeal to third base umpire Chris Guccione. Votto was not please and started arguing on his way back to the dugout. Soon after, home plate umpire Ryan Additon responded and Votto grew angry. The two went at it before Additon tossed Votto. During this time, Reds manager David Bell stepped in and was also tossed.

This is just the thirteenth time in Votto’s 1,812 career games in which he was ejected. Bell’s ejection was his fourteenth.

Shortly after, a young fan became quite sad about her favorite player being eject. So her mom went to to share Abigail’s sadness.

Reds social media swiftly swung into action and responded to the mother’s tweet.

During the fourth inning, Abigail received a gift from the Reds which included a signed ball from her favorite player, Joey Votto.

Votto included the inscription, “I am sorry I didn’t play the entire game.”

Great work, Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds Social Media Team.

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