Foreign Substance Checks And The 5 Best Pitcher Reactions

Last week, Major League Baseball announced it was cracking down and reinforcing their prohibition on pitchers using foreign substances on baseballs. These rules are in play for pitchers starting this past Monday and it’s not going well.

Well, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred thinks it is but most will say the opposite.

Just ask Nationals ace Max Scherzer. After Tuesday’s start, he had some things to say about the checks and the commissioner.

“These are Manfred Rules. Go ask him what he wants to do about this. I’ve said enough.”

Outside of it angering the pitchers, it has brought some enjoyable videos for social media.

Here’s the best from the week (so far)…

Best Reactions

Jacob deGrom, New York Mets SP

deGrom is substance free and still dominating. He went on to tossed five one-hit inning, allowing no runs, walking two and striking out six against the Atlanta Braves.

Yu Darvish, San Diego Padres SP

Darvish is just too nice to these umps. After his check, you can see him say “thank you” to the umpires giving the check.

Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals SP

Max Scherzer was annoyed after the first check so check three was going to make him any less another. He appeared even angry with the whole situation. They call him “Mad Max” for his pitching prowess but that name could soon get a whole new meaning if MLB keeps this up.

Sergio Romo, Oakland Athletics RP

38-year-old Sergio Romo tries to one up Scherzer by pulling down his pants even farther down his legs.

Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles SP

Just a smile and laugh from the coolest guy in baseball.

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