Joey Chestnut sets world record in his 14th win at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest

Today, marks the United States 245th birthday and another year of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. To no surprise the professional eating legend Joey Chestnut took home another win.

Sunday, the event was held in Maimonides Park which is a minor league baseball stadium allowing 5,000 people to watch the event. The event is usually held at the main Nathan’s location in Coney Island but plans shifted with the pandemic restrictions in places.

Change of venue was no big deal for Joey Chestnut. He downed a world record 76 hotdogs in today’s win. This all took place in a 10 minute contest.

This is Chestnut’s fourteenth time winning the event which is the most championships held by any human in any sporting event.

Also, during the event, the video feed had cut out during the final seconds which ruined the event for some but not Chestnut as he still won. ESPN cameras couldn’t come through but my theory is some from PETA stepped in to cause mischief.

Here is a tweet recap of Joey Chestnut’s day:

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