Nick Castellanos Does It Again

Monday evening, Cincinnati Reds (44-40) defeated the Kansas City Royals (35-49), 6-2. They have now won five straight games, seven of their last 10, and are now in second place in the NL Central. Despite this, that is not the biggest story of the night. The big story of the night revolves around Red right fielder Nick Castellanos and a deep drive to left center.

Castellanos was just 1 for 4 with a solo home run in the Reds’ win. But his seventh inning solo home run help spark the Reds to an eventual-win on Monday. Despite all of this, the Castellanos’ home run story does not just end there.

The Kansas Royals’ broadcast team were eulogizing lifelong Royals fan and War II veteran George A. Gorman when Castellanos was at the plate. Gorman’s tribute continued even during the plate appearance when Castellanos launches a home run to left centerfield.

Royals’ announcer made sure to note how the timing was not best to honor Gorman right before finishing off the Castellanos home run call.

Some might remember last season when these two teams made up. Reds former broadcaster Thom Brennaman had a hot mic issue in which caught enough attention on social media. He would eventually get word about the social media response and did an on-air apology. While giving the apology during the game back on August 19, 2020, Castellanos launched a home run to the same spot tonight’s home run was hit. Brennaham hopped right from his apology to the home run call and back. This soon went viral and his still a meme to this day.

This time, it won’t be meme’d in the same way the first one did.


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