Niles West’s Jewell Loyd and Joliet Catholic’s Allie Quigley to face-off in the WNBA Mtn Dew 3-PT Contest

Friday afternoon, WNBA announced Jonquel Jones, Jewell Loyd, Allie Quigley, and Sami Whitcomb will compete in the Moutain Dew 3-point Contest on July 14. The four will shoot it out to hopefully be crowned the best three-point shooter in the WNBA during halftime of the All Star Game.

Two of the four contestants have ties to Illinois. Jewell Loyd attended Niles West and Allie Quigley went to Joliet Catholic Academy for high school. The two have made their mark during their careers and have become household names in the WNBA. Seattle Storm’s Loyd is an MVP candidate and Olympian while Chicago Sky’s Quigley is contributing a ton in her new role off the bench in 2021.

Allie Quigley has been in the 3-point contest three times prior to this year and is a two-time winner. She won the event at the 2018 All-Star Game in Minneapolis and the 2017 All-Star Game in Seattle. Loyd is making her second appearance while the other two women are making their debut in the event.

During her 13-year career, Quigley is a 39.2 percent three-point shooter. This season, she also happens be shooting at a 39.2 percent clip. Loyd is in her 7th season and is playing some of her best basketball which includes a career-best 44.5 percent shooting percentage from beyond the arc. She is a career 42.5 percent shooter from three.

Fans can view the game and contest starting at 6 p.m. central on July 14 on ESPN.

Rules Via

• Four players will compete in a two-round, timed shooting competition.
• Ball racks are positioned at five main shooting locations around the three-point arc.
o Four of the racks contain four official WNBA game balls and one “money” ball.
o The WNBA game balls are worth one point. The “money” ball is worth two points.
o For each rack, the “money” ball can only be shot after the four WNBA game balls are shot.
• The fifth rack will be a special “all money ball” rack. Each competitor will decide the spot for this rack to be placed at one of the five main shooting locations. Every ball on this rack is worth two points.
• Two ball pedestals are positioned at deep shot locations called “THE DEW ZONE™”, one between racks 2 and 3 and the other between racks 3 and 4. (See attached graphic for reference.)
o Each ball pedestal holds a special ball known as the “3-Ball.”
o Shots made with the “3-Ball” are worth 3 points.
• Players must exhaust the ball racks and pedestals in competition order before moving on to the next shooting location.
• Players may not start on or over the three-point line while shooting. The basket will not count if the line is violated. For the two additional deep shots, the player must begin their shooting motion with at least one foot in the “THE DEW ZONE” designated by a floor decal.
• INSTANT REPLAY – At the discretion of the referee, instant replay may be utilized for clarification of rules compliance.

• Each competitor has 70-seconds (1:10) to shoot as many of the 27 balls as they can.

• Order of competition will be determined by random drawing.
• The two players with the highest scores advance to the Final Round.

• In the event of a tie to determine the Final Round participants, a 30-second tiebreaker will take place using the same competition format described above. If necessary, this process will be repeated until the tie is broken.

• Two players will compete in the Final Round.
• The competition order for the Final Round will be determined by the inverse order of First Round scores (e.g., the player with the lowest score in the First Round among the players who advanced shoots first in the Final Round).

• In the event of a tie to determine the Champion, a full 70-second (1:10) tiebreaker will take place. If necessary, this process will be repeated until the tie is broken.

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