Mic’d Up at the All-Star Game

American League took home the All-Star Game with a 5-2 win over the National League. It is the AL’s eighth straight win. The winning pitcher was Shohei Ohtani, the MVP was Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Liam Hendriks saved the game. What’s cool about all these guys? They are foreign born player paving paths for a growing game. Ohtani is from Japan, Guerrero Jr. is born in Canada but grew in the Dominican Republic, and Hendrik is from Australia.

This years’ Midsummer Classic players were mic’d which has been through many trials and errors over the last few seasons. This year’s All-Star Game featured some commentary from the players and for some it went well and other it did not. It also depends on who you are asking. Two major moments from the game involving mics happen to involve player from each of the Chicago baseball teams. Those players are Chicago White Sox’s Liam Hendriks’ and Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant.

Liam Hendriks

Chicago White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks came in the game in the ninth inning to secure a 5-2 victory. He earned the save after a scoreless frame, allowing just a two hits and striking out one. But he’ll be remember more for his hot mic moment. After throwing a pitch, you can hear him yell, “fuck this.” Some say it’s him showing his frustrations over not seeing his teammate Tim Anderson get an at-bat while others just think it was just Hendriks being Hendriks.

Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant did not start the game, nor did he play third base. He entered in the top of the sixth inning to replace Jesse Winker in left field. Bryant took two at-bats but was hitless and had one strikeout. Unfortunately, his day also was filled with some uncomfortable questions.

The Chicago Cubs have been sliding in the standings over the last few weeks and no longer seem to be contenders. That has them looking to be major sellers this trade deadline. It is not clear who will go and who will stay but Bryant has been one of those names that has floated around for some time now. He is a versatile player will a solid bat that would contribute to several teams, even the one across town. So far, the Cubs are not willing to just put the rumors to rest by signing him to a contract extension (that he so deserves) so it looks like he could definitely be on the move at some point.

During the All-Star game, Bryant was mic’d up and was talking to FOX broadcaster Joe Buck and was asked about his current situation with the Cubs. Here’s what the two had to say below:

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