Goodbye Topps, Hello Fanatics

After 70 years in the business, Major League Baseball and MLB Players Association have struck a deal with Fanatics do become THE producer of MLB cards. There is a lot to unpack logistically but also emotionally for some.

For more info, ESPN has piece filled with great info here.

Despite the Topps’ announcement, my love for sports cards (especially baseball remains). It unfortunate as Topps cards and baseball has been tied to each other since its birth in 1951. This ordeal is very fresh and new with many details still yet to come. Change is hard but sometimes it works out. A lot is riding on this move and fans of Topps are not sold quite yet.

With this move, I am bringing back my “card of the day” posts. At various times over the last, maybe 4 years, I would share a couple photos a day of a sports card and compose a tweet with details on my Twitter page. I will continue doing so starting August 21, 2021. These will often been made in a tweet but also expect some blogs on a few cards. To see previous ones, type “@Xavier_Sanchez4” & “#XCOTD” to see examples.

Feel free to reach out to me in my email ( or comment on either my Facebook or Twitter page with what players/teams that you want to see.

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